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Azuran slowely stepped forward to greet his brother Cloud. He didn't 
know what to expect or if there was anything to expect. 

"Cloud?" whispered Azuran as he approached him.
"Yes my name is Cloud. Please to meet you. Azuran, right? Hey you were 
awesome back there taken out those guards like that."

He didn't remember and he couldn't blame him. It was a horrible past 
that he had to live with. Any other man would have done the same and 
blocked it out. Should he tell Cloud the truth or leave things the way 
the were.

Yuffie sensed Azuran's troubles. She walked up to him and gave him a 
nudge. Azuran knew what he had to do.

"I don't think you understand Cloud. I am Azuran Strife. Created with a 
combonation of your cells and jenova's. I was the one that took your 
place in midgar. I was the one that killed you at Mt. Nibel and then 
bring you back to life. Surely you remember."

Cloud was motionless. He did remember. He rememberd the dark figure 
comming out of nowhere viciously attacking him but then it was blank. 
The next thing he rememberd was him sitting up on the ground with the 
worst headache. Yes I remember Azuran. You were a killing machine. But 
why is that you now carry that sakaba.

Cloud quickly drew his sword.

"Everybody back. This man is a killer." shouted Cloud.

Yuffie ran up to Azuran and shielded his body.

"No you don't understand." cried Yuffie. He is good now. You saw how he 
took apart those Shin-Ra soilders.

"Just a cover up" explained Cloud. This man has killed countless numbers 
of innocents. How can you trust him?

"I love him" Yuffie blurted out. The whole crew stood there in dibelief. 
Yuffie had tears running down her face. Azuran put his hand on her 

"It's OK Yuffie. Mabye it's best that I leave". With that Azuran turned 
away and proceeded to deboard the Highwind. Yuffie would not stand for 
it. She ran into Azuran's path and kissed him. It was a shock to Azuran. 
He had never known true love. It was the first time any girl had shown 
affection to him. The feeling made him a little uncomfortable for a 
moment. But then he knew it was right and kissed her back. He would not 
leave. He would stay and work things out with Cloud. The new mission 
would be tough. But he knew with Yuffie by his side everything would 
work out great.

That morning at the meeting, Jason called roll.  He noticed that Yuffie 
was missing.
"where's Yuffie?" he asked.
Vincent came forward.  "I went into her room to wake her up, and found 
this."  he handed a letter to jason.
Jason read the letter.  I was afraid of this.  "She gone after Azuran!"
"Then we should go after her."  Red XIII suggested.
"I believe we should stick to our mission."  CLoud disagreed.  "Yuffie 
can take care of herself, and so can Azuran."
Jason shook his head.  My vision was true after all. They would hate 
each other.
"No Cloud." Jason shook his head.  "If we're to be a team, we need all 
of us working together.  Cloud, I told you I'd be leader if PSykowz and 
Azuran could join us.  As you can see, Azuran's not here.  And I say we 
should go find them.  Until we do, we can't continue our mission.  All 
in favor?"
Aeris stepped forward.  "I'll join you."
"Thank you Aeris." Jason said.  "Anyone else?"
Psykowz came forward.  "Azuran is my ally as well."
Tifa stepped forward.  "Yuffie is my friend and I worry about her 
"Tifa, this man was a killer!" Cloud exclaimed.
"No Cloud, he's your brother."
"He's not!"
"I'll handle this." Jason raised his hand.  "Cloud, we need to talk.  
ALone."  He motioned to Cloud to follow him.
"CLoud, you know more than anyone what it was like to be in SOLDIER.  
Killing people is in your job description.  Azuran told me he wants to 
repent for that.  If you refuse to help, you're no better than he was."
Cloud didn't listen.
"Then you're not the CLoud everyone told me you were.  AN d I am sorry I 
wanted to join you.  Psykowz, Aeris, Tifa, and I are going after him.  
If you want to prove me wrong, join us.  I leave it up to you."
Jason walked off.
Aeris met him.  Jason told her whathad happened.  She kissed him.  "You 
did the best you could.  He's got to find his own path."
"I know.  I"d hoped this part of my vision would never come true.  I 
really hoped Cloud would forgive him."
"Put yourself in his shoes.  Would you?"
Jason thought a moment.  "No.  I guess not.  So what'll we do?  They 
could be anywhere."
"I have an idea." Aeris turned to TIfa.  "Get me one of Yuffie's 
Tifa returned with Yuffie's Hawkeye.  Aeris handed it to Jason.  
"Concentgrate.  See if you can find her."
Jason concentrated.  "I see them.  Cid, how far are we from NIbelheim?"
"About a good three day journey if we go on foot." the pilot replied.
"Good, They haven't gone far, but that's where they're headed."
"We'll take the buggy." Tifa said.  
Cloud appriached Jason.  "Wait.  You were right, Jason, I'm coming."
jason smiled.  "Welcome aboard."

What the heroes did not know is that their lost comrades had already 
found each other.
Yuffie knelt on the ground and prayed.  She always prayed to Leviathan 
when she felt distresssed.  As she ended her prayer, her thoughts turned 
to CLoud and Tifa.  For most of their lives, Tifa had been a source of 
strength for Cloud, a sort of guardian angel.  She realized that Azuran 
needed that same outward source and that she must provide it.
"Azuran, we need to return to the others.  They're probably worried 
sick." Yuffie said.
Azuran shook his head.  "I'm not wanted.  They don't care."
"That's where you're wrong.  I'm sure Psykowz and Jason care about you."
"I've given them reason to, as for the others..."
"No, they do care.  I'm sure Cloud'll see the light.  Give him time." 
She kissed him.
"Very well." Azuran sighed.  He helped Yuffie up and they started to 
walk back to the Highwind.  THey were blocked by Psykowz and Jason.
"Glad we found you," Jason smiled.  "Everyone's been worried sick.  I 
told Cloud off.  I think he wants to talk to you, Azuran." With that, he 
called Cloud on the PHS.  He handed it to Azuran.
"Azuran, this is Cloud.  Jason and Yuffie were right.  You are my 
brother.  I forgive you for your past.  I only have one question."
"Can you forgive me for being so bullheaded?"
"Okay, if that's over with," Psykowz interrupted, "we need to figure out 
how to find that super weapon.  I'll call everyone."
Everyone came back.  Psykowz began, "What we need is someone who can get 
inside Shinra and find this weapon.  ANy ideas?"
Vincent said thoughtfully, "Why not one of you?"
"Bad idea." Jason answered.  "Reno'd recognize me in a heartbeat.  I'm 
sure there's people who'd still recognize Azuran.  As for Psykowz..."
"I've crossed paths with them myself." Psykowz agreed.  "Our encounters 
have not been positive."
At this, nearly everyone turned to Cait Sith.
"Me?" the cat said surprisedly.
"Why not?" Cid said.  "Reeve's got the connections."
"All right." the cat sighed.  "I'll ask him."
"Wait a minute, why do all of you think Cait would be good?"
"He's their spy." Barret explained.  "They trust him a helluva lot more 
than we do."
"Reeve says he'll do it." Cait informed them.
Jason put all this into consideration.  If Cait has betrayed AVALANCHE 
once, what's to stop him from repeating history?  Perhaps it was time to 
call an old friend.

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