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Azuran feels the pain and suffering of Jason like it was his own. 
However, unlike him, Azuran had kept his pain inside. Bottled up as to 
shut everyone out. Was it out of protection? Protection from whom? He 
had no reason to feel fear but something held him back. He could not 
tell because if he did he would show weakness and that is not what he 
was.....created for. But no longer. It ends here and now. The pain, the 
suffering, the lonely nights he spent wondering what it was like to lead 
a normal life. To hide his feelings was weakness not a display of 
strength. That was what Azuran admired most about Jason. He wasn't 
afraid to show his true emotions. This was the new Azuran. He would no 
longer live live as an outcast and proceded to tell his story...

He began to take a seat next to Jason, but then decided no, this was 
addressed to everybody so he would address everybody. He stood up 
perfectly straight and began to speak...

"I would like to apologize to everyone or my secretive behavior. It was 
rude and undeserved." Everyone turned to listen to what Azuran had to 
say. They knew he was a powerful man and they gave him their attention.

"As you all know I am a brother of Cloud Strife. However, not by 
traditional standards. I was created 20 years ago by Profesor Hojo using 
the DNA from Cloud and Jenova cells. After Hojo realized that his 
experiment with Cloud was a failure he created me hoping I would become 
the next Sepiroth. And his experiment was a complete success.I bested 
Cloud in all area's. He was finally thrown to the infantry while I 
became a member of First Class.  I was used to burn down Gongaga and 
terrorize countless numbers of civillians. I did not like doing it. I 
was the Shin-Ra's slave if you will. When I was 13 I ran away along with 
all of my hate towards the Shin-Ra organization. You ask why I was so 
terrified to see Cloud again. We'll I'm sure he told you ,Yuffie, that 
he was a guard at the Mt. Nibel reactor. Well I happened to be in the 
area. I didn't even know it was Cloud because I had all the hate towards 
the Shin-Ra swelled in me. I killed Cloud and when I knelt down to look 
at who I killed I saw that it was my brother. I began to pray and pray 
and some how I casted Life on him. When he started coming around I fled 
and became a wanderer, dedicating my life to learning Holy magic. And 
then at 22 I met you guys. The most courageous bunch of heros I have 
ever saw. You brought out the best in me and for that I am endebted to 
all of you. I will help you in your fight against the Shin-Ra. Even so I 
still have more questions that need awnsering."

With that the whole team stood up and clapped their hearts out and began 
to converge onto him smothering him with hugs and hand shakes. Yuffie 
seemed the most intrested in Azuran and when she heard his story her 
love for him grew even stronger than before. She must be alone with him 
to tell him how much she does love him. be continued