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Jason Hendrix was tuning up with his band the Weapons, when he saw Reno of the Turks attacking a girl. Jason had always hated Reno, so he decided to help the girl. He lunged at Reno, smacking his head with his guitar.
Thanks" the girl replied.
"No prob. Always hated that guy anyway. What's your name?"
"Yuffie." the girl said "Yours."
"Jason Hendrix. Wait! Your last name wouldn't be Kisargi would it?"
"How'd you guess?"
"Just lucky. I wanna join up with Avalanche."
"Kinda sudden, don't you think?"
"I'm not sure. I thought I might join up with AVALANCHE against the Shinra." Jason replied.
"What talents do you have," Yuffie asked."Besides being a well-known musician?"
"I know some martial arts. I can hold myself well in a fight."
"Hmmm." The stranger said. "SOunds impressive."
Suddenly, Reno got up. This wasn't over with. Not by a long shot.
"So, we meet again, Jason." Reno said, rubbing the wound.
"Yep. Maybe if you didn't kill a relative of mine so long ago, you wouldn't be on my hit list."
"Damn, do you have to remind me of that every time we meet?"
"I don't have time for this. Prepare yourself, musician."
The stranger called up Wall. "Time to put your words into truth, friend. COunt me in."
"Hey who's that said Yuffie" pointing at a strange man in the distance. The man was wearing a black cloak and when he came near he introduced himself.
"You both sound impressive but are you ready for my power" said the strange. "My name is Azuran Strife. A name that has not much meaning to you because soon you'll be dead...both of you"
Jason's empathetic abilities kicked in. He realized Azuran's last name was Strife and told this to Yuffie.
"Azuran" Yuffie called. "We can take you to your brother if you can help us."
"I'm not sure how you know I have a brother, but I don't believe you." Azuran coldly replied.
"So much for listening to reason." Jason sighed.
"Welcome to AVALANCHE." Yuffie nodded.
"Let's see if we can reason through action. Perhaps if we leave him alone, he'll see that we're not the enemy." Psykowz suggested.
"Do you know a lion named Nanaki?" Yuffie asked. "You sound like him."
Jason ran up to Reno and smacked him with his quitar. Yuffie threw a shuriken. Psykowz slashed at Reno sixty times.
"We'll continue this later, Jason." Reno panted. "When you have no allies." With that, he threw a Smoke Bomb down and escaped.
"See" Yuffie said to Azuran. "We don't want to hurt you."
"Unless you hurt us." Psykowz added.
Azuran thought for a moment. "Very well. I believe you...for now."
"Yo, Jase," one of Weapons's members called to Jason. "You through playing hero?"
"Not even, Barry." Jason replied. "I quit the band. Effective immediately."
"Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but, why?" Yuffie asked.
"I've always wanted to be a hero. Now all my true friends have committed suicide as a result of the Meteor. This way their deaths will mean something."
"Good enough for me." Yuffie said. "C'mon, I'll take you to the rest of the gang. You, too, uh, what was your name?" she said to Psykowz.
"Psykowz." the swordsman replied.
"Well, Azuran, you gonna just stand there or what?" Jason turned to Azuran.
Azuran joined them. "Count me in."
The four allies left the Event Aquare

While Azuran travelled with Yuffie and the others something seemed to bother him.

"What exactly is our mission." said Azuran.
"Were metting up with the rest of the gang back in the event square. And together were called AVALANCHE! From their we'll meet up with our leader....Cloud Strife. He'll tell us what to do then." said Yuffie."
Azuran stopped and stood perfectly still. Terror took over his whole body as cold sweat poured down his face and his heart throbbed violently. No. That can't be right it must be another Cloud, he said to himself. What exactly was he so petrified about. Could it be out of fear. No it wasn't that it was something else. Something happened. Something so terrifying that he had blocked it out of his memory. He could not let on to the other's of his suspicions. No he must hide it. Because if he let them know something terrible might happen. So terrible it's effects would be irreversable. When he met Cloud he would keep perfectly mute and go along as if he never new him. This is the way it should be for Cloud's sanity and mine.
"Is something wrong" chimed the trio.

"No, I'm alright just a little case of indegestion" said Azuran.
"Alright lets continue on"
And the party continued on. Yuffie knew something was wrong. She barely knew him but for some reason she cared for him, worried about him. She new she was falling in love with him. His eyes gazing deep into her body whenever he looked at her. Is strong figure and straight posture just drove her wild. Mabye she would learn more about him at the Event Square. And mabye they could be alone...
Jason said, "I hate the whole f@%*ing idea! Too many of my friends have lost their lives already. Must more do so, just so Shinra can get more energy? I mean there *are* less harmful ways. Solar energy, anyone?"
Yuffie raised her hands,"Sure are touchy, eh?"
"Sorry," Jason apologized. "Had a lot on my mind lately."
"You know what they say about idol minds..." Azuran jokingly reminded.
"Well, look who decided to be sociable!" Jason joked.
"Just what do you have against Reno actually, besides his being a Turk?" Yuffie asked Jason.
"Family business, why?"
"I just hope you got no hangups with *all* Turks. We got a former one on the team. Perhaps you know him. His name's Vincent Valentine."
"Doesn't ring any bells. But then, I guess Reno never killed your sister, huh?"
"I'm an only kid. Never could figure out why, though."
"This is all I have of her." Jason said, showing her a Summon Materia.
"WOW!" Yuffie exclaimed. "I thought this one was just a myth!"
"You know what it does?"
"It seems to summon sledgehammers. Don't be surprised, I know materia like the back of my hand."
"I guess I'm a little out of practice."
"You'll learn pretty quick in our team."
"Sure seems that way."
Psykowz stood there and stared at the materia. "How powerful is that materia exactly". Jason stared at the materia and answered "I don't know i've never seen it in action".
Suddenly a voice came from the dark, "Looks like you'll get the chance" suddenly from the shadows a huge, defromed human-like creature jumped out and smacked Jason round the head, knocking him unconcious. Azuran bolted the creature but to no avail and it whipped around and smacked Azuran up against a wall. "AZURAN!!" cried Yuffie and rushed over to help him. Before she got there she was flung into the air and landed on the ground with a thump. Psykowz got angry that his new found friends were injured and ran up to the monster and cut in 12 different places 60 times, but not a scratch appeared on the monster. Psykowz was worn out and the monster pushed him over and he was unable to get up from exhasution. Just then Jason got to his knees, feeling slighty groggy, and called within his inner power and strength, and summoned the 'sledgehammers'. There was a brilliant flash of white light..............
Suddenly sledgehammers attacked their foe. It was unable to defend itself from the onslaught. It died instantly.
Jason got up as Yuffie cast Cure3 on her allies.
"Thanks, Jason." Psykowz panted. "Another few minutes..."
"Hey, you'd've done the same for me. Besides, just returning the favor for earlier."
The rest of the journey was without incident. They soon joined up with AVALANCHE. Yuffie introduced her new allies to the rest of the team. That night, Jason sat by himself, looking at his picture of his now-dead sister, Joanne. Ah, Joanne, he thought to himself, if you only knew how much I missed you...
"Is this moonbeam taken?" a beautiful girl with emerald eyes asked.
Jason looked up. "No. Go right ahead. What's your name?"
"Aeris Gainsborough. You're Jason Hendrix, right?"
"Who's that in the photo?"
"That's my sister, Joanne."
Psykowz came over. "Funny, doesn't look like she's related to you."
"We adopted her." Jason explained matter-of-factly. "She and I were very close." Tears filled his eyes again. Aeris tried to comfort him. "We all lose people we love. I lost my mother when I was just two years old. But at least you have the memories."
Just then, Azuran approached Jason.
"I want to know something, Jason, how did you know I was related to Cloud Strife?"
"Ever since I was five I've had these visions pop into my head. They've never been wrong. I got one about you and that's how I knew."
"Ever try to figure out how you get these visions?" Aeris asked.
Psykowz thought to himself, Visions, perhaps this one is descended from the High Ones. I have a formidable ally indeed.
to be continued.....

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