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This piece of information struck Jason dumb and he was speechless.  He
immediatly went to tell the others of this amazing find.
  "WOWW!!" said the whole group, "but hw is this possible and what now?"
  Aeris stepped foward "that's something that Jason has to do himself,
it's all very strange, and if he wants my help-i am here for him"

  At this point nobody noticed the insanely jealous look Psykowz had
on his face. He wasn't bothered about the Cetra bit-he had his own
powers.  He was pissed off that Jason and Aeris might get together,
seeing as they are of the same race.  Psykowz hoped he didn't have any
competition, he doesn't like to lose.
  "Thank's Aeris, I'll definetly take you up on that offer"

  Psykowz decided to change the subject,
"So what the hell were you lot doing in there?"
The mysterious Vincent stepped foward, "We heard reports from our
underground sources that Shinra were designing some kind of super
weapon in there.  This wepaon can supposedly destroy whole continents
in one shot, if it is at full charge"  But when we got there the place
was empty, it looks as if they left in a hurry.  Now we don't know
where they have taken this weapon"

 "Looks like we are in some funky shit then" commented Psykowz. 
"To put it mildy, yes we are"
  Azuran stepped fowrard "So what do we do about it?"
 Jason stood up"We find out where they are and kick some ass"
"Whoa, i ain't gonna go and destroy this thing" said Cid, looking
rather scared.
"Oh yes you are" said Jason "What are you, a man or a mouse"
Cloud approached Jason "Hmmm.. you seem worthy of command, how do you
feel about leading the mission to find out where this weapon is and
eventually destroying it?"
 "On one codition" said Jason
"What's that"
"Psykowz and Azuran become leaders with me as well, we all owe our
lives to each other, and besides they are both pretty damn hard"
"Very well" said Cloud "but now, we have some free time-so go away and
what you will this evening-we will have another meeting tommorrow at
8:00am.  Jason i suggest you find out more about your cetra background" 

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