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Jason turned to Psykowz.  He laughed and sid, "Psykowz, we're in 
AVALANCHE.  Of course, I'll join the strike force!"
"Good" said Cid.  "Cause you'll be taking orders from me, rookies.  All 
right, everyone on the Highwind!"
Yuffie handed Jason some Dramamine as they boarded.  
"I don't need it, Yuffie.  I've rode the Speed Square ride 300 times and 
not thrown up once."
"Lucky you,"  Yuffie sarcastically replied.
"So Cid, what's our mission?"  Psykowz asked.
"Huh, I like that." Cid answered.  "Business first.  Well, Cloud's party 
is way ahead of us.  In fact, they've been kidnapped.  We're playing 
Hours later, the team arrived at the Mako 3 reactor.
"All right gang, no turning back now." Cid announced.
As the bombay doors opened, they were greeted by Cloud and Tifa.
"What's going on?" Cid asked.  "I thought they got you good, the way 
Cait Sith told it."
Jason got another vision.  Oh no, he thought, it's a trap!  He ran in 
front of Cloud and Tifa and yelled, "EVERYONE, BEHIND ME, NOW!"
"Who's the new guy?" Tifa and Cloud asked.
"Better do as he says." Yuffie advised.
Jason slammed his guitar on the ground, initiating his Sound Barrier, a 
level 3 limit break.  A barrier formed around them as Shinra's forces 
closed in.

Azuran did not hesitate to use force. Knowing Jason's plans would only 
leave the team helpless he stepped out of the barrier so he could 
attack. This would be a better course of action because the others would 
not be hurt.

The Shin-Ra soilders did not realize Azuran was out of the barrier 
untill it was too late. He cast Haste and made a mad charge at the 
unfortunates. After leaping high in the air he drew his sakaba( a very 
powerful sword however the blade is on the wrong side so you can never 
kill anyone with it.) and delt a powerful blow to both of the soilder's. 
They were not dead, but they would be unconscious. Azuran and the 
other's tied them up and locked them away. They would be useful for 
prying information.

" Stay alert" commanded Azuran. 
"Play time isn't over. There will be more soon"

Jason turned to Azuran and said, "Next time, Azuran, stay inside the 
barrier, you can still hurt people from inside it just like Wall.  I put 
it up to protect us."
"Whoops." Azuran apologized.  "Sorry, the heat of the battle got to me."
Tifa turned to Jason and asked, "How did you know they were coming.  I 
thought we'd subdued them."
"I get these visions sometimes." Jason explained.
"Yeah, sure, visions." Cid scoffed.  "You probably work for them."
This ticked Psykowz off royally.  He pointed his sword at Cid, gritting 
his teeth.  "His 'vision' just saved your life.  If he worked for 
Shinra, do you think he would act that way?"
"He's right." Cloud agreed.  "We'd be dead if he worked for them.  
Welcome to the team.  Don't mind Cid.  What are your names?"
Psykowz stepped over first.  "The name's Psykowz.  I come from...afar."
Jason was next.  "Jason Hendrix.  Formally of the rock group Weapons."
Azuran hesitated, then decided he should introduce himself to his twin 
after all.  "Azuran, your long-lost brother."
Cloud was dumbstruck.
Tifa brought him back to reality.  "We got bigger problems now.  Cait 
Sith, Barret, Red XIII, and Vincent are still in there.  The place is 
gonna blow in two hours!  I'm not sure if we can get to them in time!"
"Then what're we waiting for?" Jason cried.  "Let's go get em!"
They ran inside the reactor.  Two hours was more than enough time to 
rescue their friends with minimum fuss.  Unfortunately, they had to make 
a run for it, and were soon surrounded.
Jason decided it was time for another of his limit breaks.  He struck a 
chord on his guitar, creating a sonic wave of energy, which obliterated 
the opposition in front of them.  Cloud turned behind and performed his 
Finishing Touch on the rest.
Back on the Highwind, Cloud talked to Azuran about their pasts.  
Aeris told Jason, "I think I can help you find the source of these 
visions.  Do you want my help?  The ritual's very...unorthodox."
"I guess." Jason agreed, scratching his dreadlocks.
That night, Aeris and Jason began the ritual.  As part of the ritual, 
they undressed.  Jason was a little hesitant at first, but went along 
with it.  Aeris then placed her hands on his temples and instructed him 
to do the same.
"Now, concentrate.  Open your mind to mine." Aeris commanded.
And their minds were opened.  Aeris immediately saw the cause.
"Oh my god!" she cried. "You're a Cetra!"

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