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When Lucia put down the phone, she was met by Scarlet.  Standing next to 
her was a spunky, red-haired girl named Arianna Eiko Thayer.  This was 
Lucia's daughter.
"Your daughter is so impossible!  SHe just wrecked another one of my 
toys!" She said angrily, throwing her arms in despair.  "By the way, who 
was that on the phone?"
"My nephew." Lucia answered with a raised eyebrow.  "What's it to you?"
"Don't you know the rumors about him?" Scarlet asked.  "They say he's 
joined AVALANCHE."
"My nephew is too busy with his band to be bothered with terrorism."  
Lucia lied.
"I hope so, Lucia, for your sake." the fiery woman replied. Scarlet did 
not know that Arianna was imitating her every gesture and making faces.  
It was hard for Lucia to keep a straight face.  "For if he has joined 
AVALANCHE, you will be as much under fire as he will be.  Good day."
As soon as she was sure Scarlet was gone, Lucia and Arianna burst into 
"I couldn't resist!" Arianna admitted.  "She's just so...  Always 'Kya 
ha ha this' and 'Kya ha ha' that.  So, who was that on the phone, 
"It was Cloud Strife."
"The leader of AVALANCHE?"
"Then Jason has joined them after all."
"Yep.  Actually, he wants me to spy on Shinra for them."
"And you're gonna do it, right?"
"Arianna, you know huw much I owe him for saving my neice."
Arianna nodded.  "I know.  I just wish he'd lighten up.  It can't be 
healthy to be that serious all the time."
Lucia looked her daughter over.  On the surface, it was hard to tell 
that they weren't bilogically related.  That mattered little.  She had 
treated Arianna like she was her own flesh and blood for twenty years.  
She had not regrettted her actions.
Psykowz released the hug he had on Jason and personally thanked each
member of the team. After this he adressed the whole group. "Thank you
for believing in me, i know you probably all had your doubts and if it
wasn't for Jason you would probably all hate me.  Thank you all
especially Azuran, Jason and Aeris" The group were all happy and
decided to rest for a while after this strenouious event.  Psykowz
Went over to Bugenhagen and asked him for help to control the evil
side of him.  Bugenhagen agreed and as they were moving off Jason
approached Psykowz
 "Hey, if you ever need to talk about how this all happened or
anything like that, then i'm here for you buddy"
 "Thanks Jason"
 Psykowz moved off with Buggenhagen and Jason walked over to Aeris.
"You were brilliant back there you know"
  "You weren't so bad yourself" she replied.  They looked into each
others eyes and held each other.  Soon they were interlocked in a
passionate kiss. 
  Azuran glanced over and saw them kissing.
  "HEY NICE ONE JASON!" he laughed. Yuffie approached Azuran, she went
up to him and hit him playfully on the arm.
 "You could have been killed back there!"
 "I never knew you cared" Azuran said jokeingly. She smiled, took his
arm and walked off with him. Nanaki was left "standing" there in
  "Fascinating" he commented and wandered off. 

  Later that evening Psykowz wandered down to the Cosmo candle to see
his two best friends Jason, and Azuran.  He had only known them a
short while, but he loved them as friends with all his heart.  They
were the only two people to truly believe in him, and most people
would have exiled or tried to kill him by noe becuase of the darkness
within him.  Psykowz knew he must try to get the light magic he once
had to re-surface.  Jason, Azuran, no-one knew of the previous light
power he had, if they asked he would tell them........

  He approached his two friends and sat down beside them. 
"What's wrong"
"Just thinking about the past" said Jason
"I'm sorry about your sister, that was a mean trick that Aranadon
"Don't worry about, he didn't fool me anyway"
Azuran cleared his throat, "I'm glad we saved you Psykowz, but because
of the time it took, the super weapon will be almost completed.  We
must find it's location and destroy it!"

 "Yes, your right" said Tifa as she approached with Cloud and Cid. 
Cloud spoke up "Seeing as you three are in charge of the operation,
what do you suggest we do?"........................
He watched. He was the first in the crowded room to see the huge ship 
from the bridge's main viewer. It slowly turned and begun to make its 
way to dock with the very ship He sat in.
He swivelled his chair to the array of screens to his left. One showed 
the huge, green tube in that shadowed-filled room. He smiled for an 
instant, on that side at least, things were perfect. His eyes were 
attracted to another screen, one showing hundreds of scientists in 
white lab-coats bustling around what appeared to be a large rod. About 
the height of a tall man, this rod was curved. He watched as a small 
man pressed a button on one of the various control panels in the room 
on the screen. A heavy weight smashed down into the rod, crushing in 
He smashed his Staff on the screen, shattering it into a million shards 
of glass. The room He was in came to a stand-still, as the many 
personnel watched their master in surprise.
"Sir? Is everything alright?" barked a nearby senior officer.
His seated leader turned very slowly to face the him. To the officer's 
surprise, he was wearing a huge smile
"Why of course Captain, is there any reason for you to think that 
everything is not 'alright'?" came the velvet smooth reply
"But Grand Admiral.........."
"Captain, go on with your duties!" the Grand Admirals smooth voice 
now had a hint of annoyance in it
The captain saluted and looked straight ahead.
"No Sir! My apologies sir!"
The Admiral turned and faced the screens again, this time his attentions 
were drawn to the display showing one of his millions of cargo-bays. 
But this one had been special. This one had contained one of his most 
vital weapons. It HAD contained it. Not anymore, thanks to a clumsy 
member of personnel who had evacuated the entire deck of oxygen, people 
and weapons into space. The torturers had probably kept him alive.  It 
seemed that one of the factions on the nearby planet had found it, and 
was even now studying it in minute detail.
Although it would be interesting to watch how they dealt with this huge 
responsibility, he wanted it back. And no-one before had ever stolen from 
the Grand Admiral and lived.
He stood slowly, grasping his staff in one hand. He looked down at the 
object contained in his gloved hand, and smiled. One of my better 
inventions, he thought to himself. He turned to the Captain, another 
smile on his still  mostly hidden face:
"Captain, prepare a landing party, I think a few infantry platoons and 
several tank columns should cover it. Oh, and get one of the Generals, 
we're going shopping!"   
As they hovered over the coordinates, Jason addressed his troops. "Now, 
I'm not really that good at this sort of thing.  To be honest, my only 
prior experience in leading anything is frontman for my rock group."
At this, the team laughed.  Aeris smiled pleasantly as she thought she 
might have had a part in easing Jason's mood with her initiation 
ceremony five hours earlier.  This was a rare moment for Jason, as he 
was usually more serious.
"The ground's probably covered with Shinra troops.  Even I can't predict 
how many.  So, obviously, we have only one option:  we're gonna 
Everyone got on their gear, but Aeris was very nervous.
"Don't worry, Aeris, I've done this all the time.  It's practically 
safe.  Besides, you'll love the rush!" Jason encouraged.
She still wasn't convinced.
"Look, if it'll ease your fears, I'll be right by your side the whole 
time.  Take my hand.  We'll jump first."
Aeris took Jason's hand as they jumped.  He was right, this was a great 
feeling.  She'd never felt so free in her life.
Out of all the boyfriends I've had, she thought to herself, you're the 
"Why thank you, Aeris!" Jason said.
Aeris blushed.  "You know, it's rude to read someone's mind when they 
don't want you to!"
Jason laughed.  "C'mon, don't you like the new me?  It's your fault, you 
know.  All that extra magic.  I'm just too euphoric!"
Aeris laughed.  Yes, he was better when he was peaceful.  Now if only he 
could stay that way, instead of sad and serious.
As they touched down, the team was quickly surrounded.  Jason performed 
his Sound Barrier.
Suddenly, a red-haired girl in a sailor suit and armbands entered the 
barrier.  It was Arianna.
"Arianna!" Jason exclaimed.  "Just what do you think you're doing here?"
"Hey, do you think I'd let you have all the action?" she replied
"Who's this, Jason?" Aeris asked, hoping it wasn't an old flame of 
"No need to get jealous, Aeris.  Everyone, I'd like you to meet my 
cousin, Arianna Eiko Thayer."
"She's Joanne's cousin, right?" Aeris asked.
"Yep.  How'd you guess?" Jason asked.
"Simple.  You have brown skin, she has pale skin.   You're obviously not 
blood relatives."
"Where's your mom, Ari?" Jason asked.
"Oh Come on!  Can't I have fun for a change?"  With that, she pressed 
her armbands.  They hummed with energy.  She took a great leap into the 
air and let out a battle cry.  Within seconds, all the troops outside 
the barrier were knocked out by her powerful punches.
"HOLY SHIT!" Azuran yelled in surprise.  "Thinking of letting her sign 
up, Jason?"
Jason was not amused.  Arianna was here against her mom's wishes.  
Something was wrong.  And he didn't like it one bit.

Jason walked up to Arianna.  He asked as calmly as he could, "Arianna, 
I'm going to ask again."
"Oh, all right." Arianna sighed.  "Rufus has her."
This was going too far.  Shinra had caused the fire that introduced 
Joanne into his life.  Shinra had also, in a small way, caused her 
murder.  Shinra had guaranteed that Arianna could never live a normal 
life.  Shinra had caused the meteor to almost destroy the world, causing 
several of his closest friends to commit suicide.  He was not about to let 
Shinra ruin his life again anymore.  It ends now.
"Do you know where they are?" he asked.
"Not really."
Jason accessed her mind.  Instantly, he learned where Lucia and Rufus were.
"Okay, I guess you'd better come with me.  That way, I can keep an eye on you. 
We're gonna rescue her."
Aeris rushed up to them.  
"I'm going, too.  You're not thinking rationally.  I can see it in your 
eyes.  You're angry because your entire life has always been ruined by Shinra.  
This cycle of revenge needs to stop Jason.  Being angry won't bring Joanne 
or your friends back."
Jason knew she was right.  He also knew there was no use arguing with 
her when she'd made up her mind.  He turned to the rest of the gang.
"Everyone, I have to do this.  I know you understand.  My aunt's life 
is in danger.  Psykowz, you're in charge until we get back.  Tifa, I 
hope you can spare some space on the Highwind, it looks like my aunt 
and my cousin are going to need our protection."
"Of course." Tifa nodded.  "YOur family is our family.  Go rescue them.  
We can handle things here."
Arianna turned to Jason.  "How're we gonna get to them in time?  
I practically broke a sweat getting here.  I'm surprised my armbands 
still had enough juice in them to adrenalize me after I ran to get to 
So, she does have limitations, Aeris thought.  I wonder how much "juice" 
those armbands have after all.
Jason took their hands.  "Trust me, Ari.  Besides, you're not the only 
one with powers here."
A purple cloud formed around them.  Within seconds, they vanished.
Rufus saw them.
"I wasn't expecting a cavalry this soon." He said disappointedly. 
 "I had a speech already for you to jam the PHS with.  Oh, well, now 
I'll just have to deliver it to you in person."  He pulled Lucia closer
to him and pointed his gun at her.  "Resign from AVALANCHE and your 
relatives live.  Otherwise, she goes first."
Suddenly, a whole fleet of airships loomed overhead.
A voice came from the sky.  "THIS IS THE GRAND ADMIRAL!  SURRENDER THE 
Jason thought to himself:  This whole operation's just gone to shit.
The fleet opened fire.

Psykowz didn't like this one bit. With Jason, Aeris and that Araianna
bird gone his force was 3 members down. 3 good members down.He turned
to the group. 
 "listen everyone, i don't like this, and i wanna go after him."
 Red stepped foward "How, you don't know where he's gone"
"I don't know, but there must be a way". Tifa apparoached Psykowz
"Look, he said that this is something he's gota do, so just leave him
to it"
"I know, but i'm worried about he might be in tro...."
"Hey guys, looks we 'aint got a choice, look whose joining the fray!"
Tifa and Psykowz turned in response to Cid's voice to see three
platoons of shinra soldiers.
 "Fuck me" Psykowz was stunned for a second but then gathered his
senses, "Everybody attack!"
 Azuran lept foward and spun his blade at four soldiers who immediatly
fell over, headless. Then the rest of their platoon piled onto Azuran,
Cloud and Cid launched upon the other platoon to draw their fire.
Psykowz called upon his magic power and cast bolt 3 onto the soldiers
on Azuran, they were fried insatntly. 
 "Thanks buddy"
 "That's alright, next time don't be too hasty. Go help Cloud and Cid,
i'll twat the rest of this platoon."
  The battle raged on and it looked to be going in the heros favour.
Psykowz had finished off the platoon he was working with fairly minor
words.  The rest of the team looked quite bad though, it was lucky he
used to practice in white magic. Then Psykowz realised something,
"What about the third platoon". He turned and saw them circling around
behind his buddies. There was only one thing for it, he would have to
see if he had the power of white magic left. He summoned the power of
good within him and prayed...

Arianna readied herself her battle, but Jason grabbed her as they ran 
for cover.  As they crouched behind a rock, Rufus breathlessly asked 
Jason, "Friends of yours?"
"I was about to ask you the same question." Jason replied.
"Why didn't you let me take them out?  You know I'm capable." Arianna 
"What would you have done if you ran out of power, Arianna?  You got the 
goods, sure, but you lack the discipline!  One day, you're not going to 
be able to defend yourself as easily.  You're gonna have to be ready for 
that." Jason admonished her.
Aeris could not believe Jason's behavior.  True, Arianna did lack the 
discipline.  But she was a necessary asset now.  She knew Jason was 
acting out of concern, but this was not the time.
"That's not important now!" she said to Jason.  "What we need is a 
Lucia nodded.  "She's right.  We're sitting ducks here.  Jason, the next 
time you want to involve me in something like this, please reconsider, 
"I'm sorry, Aunt Lucia.  I had no idea this would happen." Jason 
"But you're a psychic!  It's your job to know these things!"
"I can't get the visions at will, Aunt Lucia.  You know that."
"I'm sorry.  I've just never been good in these kind of situations."
Rufus got up.
"What are you doing, Mr. President?" Lucia asked him.
"I'm the diplomat here.  I'm going to try and reason with this 'Grand 
"You can't reason with madmen!" Jason exclaimed.  "You'll be killed!"
"I don't see you coming up with anything better." the President replied.
With that, he approached the fleet and shouted.  "OKAY, GRAND ADMIRAL!  
"I hate to say it," Aeris judged.  "But the slimeball's got guts."
The Grand Admiral came down in front of Rufus.
"I take it you are this planet's ruler?" he asked coldly.
"As much as they hate it, yes." Rufus answered.
"All I want is what's mine."
"We have a saying on our planet.  'Finders, keepers.  Losers weepers.'"
"And I thought I was the childish one." Arianna whispered.
"I don't think the nutso's pleased." Jason agreed.
The Grand Admiral replied,  "Then, prepare to cry for mercy...loser."  
He pointed his staff at Rufus.

He watched. He watched from his still orbiting ship as the last of his troops left their transports. He had sent a platoon ahead of the rest as scouts. Funny that they had not returned their situation......
Oh well, he thought to himself, how many in a platoon, 40 men? Maybe more. The loss was minimal, if indeed it was a loss at all. He smiled. If they had defeated 40 of his men they were all he had hoped for.
The huge screen which had shown the troops disembarking flicked to what at first appeared to be pure darkness. After a while, however, it was recognisable as metal, very close up.
"General, would you mind stepping away from the camera?" asked the Grand Admiral, in a slightly frustrated manner
The metal on the screen retreated, and the whole 'object' came into view. It was what appeared to be a soldier. A very large soldier that just happened to be composed entirely of metal. It stood roughly 10 ft high, and bristled with weaponry. A large, foreboding head topped off the huge upper torso and tree-trunk sized legs. It began to speak in an incredibly loud, metallic voice.
"General! Turn down audio systems!!"
A brief pause as the General fiddled with the back of its head. It began to speak again in a much quieter voice
"Again my apologies Grand Admiral"
"Report please" demanded his master in a happy tone that did not fit the words.
"All infantry have been off-loaded from transports. Tank columns have begun to un-load. All units have reported in and no major errors have been received."
"What of the scout platoon?"
"No word as yet sir, but we have no reason to believe that they have been intercepted."
In his ship, the Grand Admiral rose from his throne-like chair, a huge smile on his face. His pointed at the screen with his Staff.
"Of course there is reason, General. I very much hope they have been 'intercepted'!"
The General looked slightly confused but said nothing.
"General, prepare for my arrival. I wish to oversee this operation personally."
"Grand Admiral, is that entirely wise? There could be hostile parties on the planet and........"
"General, I have given you a command! Prepare for my arrival." With that he flicked open the knob on his Staff and pressed on of the buttons. The screen went blank. 
He turned so he was facing the room he was in, his ships bridge. His eyes, one a normal, human, blue eye and one red, evil, mechanoid version, gazed at his high-tech surroundings. A smile split his face, as he threw the Staff from one hand to another.
"Captain, prepare my transport, I'm going to over-see this myself"
The Captain saluted and immediately began speaking into a microphone.
The Grand Admiral made his way to the shuttle bay, his smile threatening to remove the top of his head. 
Let the entertainment begin!  

Jason did not like this.  As much as he detested Rufus, he knew somehow 
that The Grand Admiral was a worse-case scenario.  he concentrated his 
inner Cetra magic.  Suddenly, Rufus found himself several feet off the 
ground.  He floated over to the others.
"Good job, Jason."  Aeris congratulated her lover.
"Thanks.  Not bad for my first time, huh?" Jason said.
"What were you doing?  I had him right where I wanted him!" Rufus 
"Saving your miserable life." Jason tersely replied.  "Don't tell me.  
You had him lulled into a false sense of security, didn't you?"
Rufus only glared at him.
Jason sighed.  "Look, Rufus.  The only way to end this now is to let 
AVALANCHE destroy the weapon.  Then maybe this Admiral guy'll back off."
"Are you out of your mind?"
"Think, Rufus."  Aeris said.  "It doesn't belong in your hands, ours, or 
his for that matter."
Rufus considered the matter.  He realized Aeris was right.  "Okay."  he 
sighed.  "You can have your victory...for now.  By the way, Lucia, 
consider this your pink slip."
"Fair enough." Lucia replied.  "I hated working for you, anyway.  Kept 
driving my conscience crazy."
"Don't worry, Aunt Lucia.  My friends at AVALANCHE will take good care 
of you and Arianna."
"You mean it?" Arianna beamed.  "I can join you, Jason?"
"I'm not promising anything." Jason said.  "Besides, that's not for me 
to decide.  That's Cloud's decision.  But then, I think you probably 
impressed them with what you did back there.  So, who knows?"
"Come out, coward!" The Grand Admiral called out.  "Face me like a man!"
Rufus stood up.  "My enemies are conspiring to destroy your weapon.  
They're already there now..."
Jason yelled, "RUFUS, YOU @#$%!"
Rufus whispered "I'm trying to get him to call off his friends."
Jason said, "That's not the way.  You need to tell Heidigger to call off 
your troops that have surrounded my friends."
"INFIDEL!" the madman thundered.  "WHERE ARE YOU HIDING MY WEAPON?  I 
Rufus sighed.  "Heidegger, this is Rufus.  Call off the troops."
"Gya ha ha." the general replied. "Surely you must be joking, sir."
"I'm not, Heidegger."
"But sir, if they're called off, then AVALANCHE will surely destroy the 
"That's the whole idea.  It wasn't ours to begin with.  The owner has 
reurned for it.  Besides, you and I both know we haven't even figured 
out how to work it."
"Very well." Heidegger said.  "I'll do it."
"Nice to have a yes-man around like him, eh?" Jason said.
"Shut up."  Rufus tersely replied.  "This isn't over, Hendrix."
"Okay, Lucia, Arianna, take our hands.  Rufus, I wish you luck."
"Don't worry.  I got a chopper ready right now.  Time for one of my 
famous exits."
The friends all joined hands.  Aeris smiled at Jason.  "Good work."
"Thanks.  I just hope we have friends to come back to."
"What are we gonna do now?" Lucia asked.
"I'm taking you to see my friends.  Just hold on."  With that he called 
his Purple Haze Limit Break. They vanished into the fog.
When they reappeared, Azuran greeted them, "Jason, you're back!"
"Lucia, meet the team of AVALANCHE.  Tifa, take Lucia someplace safe.  
We'll keep Arianna here.  We could use her talents.  I don't know how 
long it'll take for the troops to disperse."
"Disperse?" Azuran asked.
"We just met with that Grand Admiral guy I sensed yesterday.  He owns 
this weapon.  I convinced Rufus to let us destroy it.  Maybe that'll 
make the Grand Admiral back off too."
"You hope." Vincent said.
Psykowz stopped his prayer short, realizing there was no need.  He got 
up.  "Way to go, Jason." he smiled.  "By the way, will we see more of 
Arianna?  She seems like a worthy addition to our team."
"She can stay, Psykowz.  I happen to agree."
Arianna clapped her hands.  "Oh goody!" She hugged Jason.  "Good to see 
you like me after all."
"I've always liked you, Ari.  You're my cousin.  Just because we don't 
always see eye to eye doesn't mean I don't love you."
"C'mon." Azuran said.  "Let's see just how pretty we can make the sky!"
They quickly got to the weapon.  Tifa handed Jason a bomb.
"Jason, you're the temp leader, so you do the honors.  Just press the 
green button.  Cid, tell the pilot to land."
"Roger." Cid asserted.
Jason placed the bomb on the weapon and pressed the green button.  "Okay 
gang, let's make tracks!"
They ran back into the HIghwind.  Within seconds, the weapon was 
"That was just too easy." Barret said.  "You're gonna have ta teach me 
howta negotiate like that."
Jason laughed nervously.  He hoped the Grand Admiral would see the 
destruction of his toy.
"Yeah.  I will."
Tifa turned to Lucia, "Hi, you must be Jason's aunt.  Sorry we had to 
meet this way."  She shook her hand.
"It's okay.  But Rufus fired me.  I guess now I'll have to work with 
As Tifa looked at Lucia, she wondered, where had I seen that face 
before?  Then, to her horror, she remembered.  Jessie also had identical 
features.  Lucia must be Jessie's sister!
"Lucia, follow me.  We need to talk." Tifa said.  This had to be done in 
private.  She had to find out.
Psykowz watched them.  Then he turned to Jason.  "Just one thing puzzles 
me, Jason.  What is it with your cousin?"

Jason sighed.  If Arianna was going to join, it was only fair that they 
know her story.  "Okay," he began, "You're all familiar with the Jenova 
Project, right?"
Vincent crossed his arms at his chest and tapped his steel fingers.  
"Some of us are a little *too* familiar."
"Well, Arianna is a byproduct of it."
"How so?" Azuran asked.  "Her eyes don't glow.  I thought everyone that 
came out of there had glowing eyes."
"Well, that was the fault of Dr. Vixen."
"I thought Hojo fired her." Vincent asked.
"He did.  But she went on her own.  As a result, Arianna has superhuman 
strength, speed, and near-invulnerability.  However, her body has 
matured faster than her mind.  She looks 20, but thinks like a 10-year 
old.  That's why it's so hard for us to get along.  Also, her body's 
adrenaline flows non-stop.  That's why she wears the armbands.  As long 
as she wears them, the adrenalin won't flow as constantly.  All she has 
to do is turn them on, and it'll flow right to her muscles, and her 
powers kick in.  Their power is limited, though, so if there's no juice, 
there's no adrenaline.  No adrenaline, no powers.  Except her 
"Well, why don't you just take the armbands off?" Cid asked.
"She's much worse with them off than on.  You wouldn't believe the 
devestation." Jason answered.
"Fascinating." Nanaki replied.
"But she's never learned how not to rely on her gift.  What she needs is 
someone to teach her that.  Lucia won't, she hates violence.  I've never 
had the time."
Yuffie stood up.  "I could."
"You?" Jason was surprised.
"I used to be just like Arianna.  Rude, obnoxious, uncontrollable.  But 
I grew up.  I can relate."
"Will you do it?  If she's going to be a member, she desperately needs 
to hone her skills."
"Sure, Jase.  What're friends for?" Yuffie answered.
"Well, all that remains is the okay from Cloud.  Well?" Jason looked 
right at Cloud.
Cloud smiled.  "Someone needs to keep an eye on her.  We'll be keeping 
Lucia too busy.  She's got the job."
"I'll go tell her." Jason got up and headed to Arianna's room.
Nanaki said to himself.  "Fascinating.  Just fascinating."
"Is that all you can say?" Yuffie asked.
Jason knocked on Arianna's door.  "Ari?"
"Come in." she said.
"I just talked with the others.  You're in."
Arianna let out a big yell of joy.  She backflipped on the bed.
"But, you're going to have to promise me something."
"I've appointed Yuffie to teach you.  You'll have to promise me you'll 
do exactly as she and I say.  Okay?"
Arianna sighed.  "All right."
"Welcome to Avalanche, Ari.  Look, I know we've never seen eye to eye in 
the past, but, maybe this could be a new beginning."
Arianna looked up at her cousin quizzically.  "Are you all right, Jason?  
There's something different about you."  Then, she finally noticed the 
White Materia that now held Jason's dreadlocks in a ponytail.  "Hey, 
that girl you were with had one of those too!  Is that what's changed 
Jason nodded.  Then he told her everything Aeris had told him about his 
Cetra heritage.  Arianna just sat there wide-eyed.
"So that's why you have those powers?"
"Cool.  Joanne would be so happy.  You've finally found a, what would 
she call it? Oh yeah. a 'purpose'."


He watched. He watched as he saw his weapon being blown into 
smithereens. Most people would have yelled, or showed some kind of 
negative emotion. He was not most people. He smiled. At first a small 
slit of a smile, barely noticeable on his half-mechanical, deformed 
face. Then he bared his teeth and soon he was laughing out loud, a 
deafening, whooping laugh. With his head facing the heavens, he 
laughed for a good 5 minutes.
Then, as abruptly as it had started the laughing halted. The Grand 
Admiral returned his head to normal level to face the huge General 
that had walked up behind him. 
"See that General, they are strong, just as I foretold. Especially 
that one of them, Jason was it?"
"Sir, the weapon was destroyed" The robot spoke as if its masters 
laughing meant that he did not know of the destruction.
The Grand Admiral turned slowly around. Even though he was only 18 
years of age, his face contained all the wisdom of one alive to see 
all that had ever come to pass. Suddenly, he lashed out at the 10 ft 
General android. If he had been a normal, flesh, human being, the 
effect would not have been worth mentioning. However, almost his 
entire body was metal, including the arm he hit the General with. 
The sight of a 10 ft Colossus going down to a 6 ft human was a sight 
seen by very few before this day. 
Other soldiers had now reached the Admiral's position and could hardly
believe their eyes.
"You think I am stupid General? You think I don't know that the weapon 
was destroyed? You underestimate me my metallic friend!" 
The General slowly began to rise from its position on the floor. The 
Grand Admiral let it get up.
"Now, if there is nothing more you wish to add, I suggest you begin 
the immediate deployment of Strike Force Alpha, these people will pay 
for the destruction of my weapon!" 
All traces of the smile had disappeared from his face, it was as if he 
was a different person. The assembled troops had begun to move out, 
and the Grand Admiral stalked after them. Before leaving, however, he 
Rule number one of War, never leave an enemy strong-hold intact.
He grabbed the knob on his Staff, and pointed the other end into the 
middle of the room. The General noticed this and quickly ordered the 
troops to evacuate the area. The Admiral, however, stayed motionless, 
his Staff reaching out from his arm. Suddenly, the end of the Staff 
opened, and a small cigar-shaped object protruded from the now open 
hole. Two slits suddenly appeared about half way up the rod, on either 
side, both containing the same cigar-shaped object. The Grand Admiral 
smiled, and the three mini cruise-missiles shot out of the Staff with 
a deafening scream.
The explosion was immense, knocking several of the fleeing troop 
transports to the ground. The entire area around the Admirals position 
was levelled in an instant. Even the members of AVALANCHE within the 
fleeing Highwind heard it
"What the hell was that?!" yelled Psykowz his ears still ringing
Cloud rushed to look at the area they had just left. When he pulled 
away, his face was both grave and confused at the same time.
"Cloud, what's wrong?" asked Aeris, sensing his discomfort.
"The entire area has just been decimated! Everything, destroyed!"
There was silence for a few minutes as this was divulged.
"Well, that's the last we'll see of that nutso, no-one could have 
survived that!" Everyone looked at Tifa with hopeful eyes. She was 
right, no-one could still be alive if stuck in that.
"Oh, you'll never see me again that's for sure. But that will be 
because you will soon DIE!!!" 
The Grand Admirals voice was instantly recognisable. He had easily 
survived the explosion, that was how his metal parts had been designed.
 As soon as an explosion was detected, all flesh on his body was 
covered in metal which would remain unaffected by the discharge. Of 
course, no-one yet knew that the explosion had been caused by the 
Grand Admiral himself.
"Ha, come and get us!!" yelled Cid
That was when the scream of the two squadrons of Fighters approaching 
them could be heard in the evening air.

"Shit!" Cid yelled.  "Evasive manuevers, now!"
The pilot obeyed.  The ship rocked like mad.
Inside their room, Jason and Arianna huddled close together as the room 
was rocked.
"I don't like this, Jason." the little girl looked up at her cousin with 
fearful eyes.  "I'm scared."  It was the first time in her life she had 
ever known fear.
"Damn!" Jason cursed.  "I hate being right all the time!"
"What're you gonna do?" Arianna asked.  "You can't take on a whole 
squadron of fighters."
"Trust me, Ari.  You're not gonna die this easily."
"You said the same thing to Joanne when Reno killed him."
"Just shut up!" Jason yelled.  Then he stepped back.  He didn't believe 
he had reacted that way.  He had once told himself he would never get 
that mad.  For he knew what would happen next.  He ran out to the 
Aeris grabbed him.  "What are you doing?"
"I'm gonna show that Grand Admiral guy that he'd better leave us alone!"
"But Jason," Aeris pleaded.  "That's not wise!"
"Aeris, the only way to deal with someone that unstable is to beat him 
at his own game!  Cid, do we have any weapons on this thing?"
"Of course." Cid replied.
"All right, hit them with everything you got.  I'll handle this Grand 
A whole salvo of missles decimated the entire pursuing fleet.
Jason concentrated on his inner power.  His anger fueled his energies. 
"PURPLE HAZE!" he cried out.
On the Grand Admiral's warship, the General said, "Sir, a strange field 
is coming toward us."
"On screen, General."
What the Admiral saw frightened him.  For some reason he knew this was 
not good.  The purple cloud sucked them up.  For the moment, it was 
The Grand Admiral looked around his new surroundings.  "Fascinating." 
the madman said to himself.  He had not counted on this new fly in the 
ointment.  He knew at once that the cloud was Jason's creation, for he 
had seen Jason using it to escape his wrath earlier.  But he did not 
know until just now how much control Jason had over it.
"You may have won, puny Cetra." The Grand Admiral vowed.  "But that was 
just the battle.  The war is far from over.  I will find my way out of 
here.  And when I do, YOU WILL PAY!"

"Jason, what did you just do?" PSykowz asked.
"I concentrated my Purple Haze and sent it after theGrand Admiral.  
He's in Limbo...for now."
"You mean he's gone?" Tifa asked.
"Not completely.  I guess you could call it imprisonment."
Everyone looked at him fearfully.  They had never seen this side of 
their usually calm comrade before.  But Aeris understood why he had 
done it.
"I understand how you feel, Jason.  Sometimes I just want to lash out, 
Hours later, Jason was in his room, tuning his guitar and writing.  He 
smiled when he looked down at the song he had written.  Now all it 
needed was a key to play it in.  He tried G.
'Nah.  that won't do." 
Suddenly, it hit him, he knew exactly what key to use! 
Aeris knocked on the door.  "What did you want to see me about, 
"I wrote a song for you, Aeris.  Do you want to hear it?"
"A song?  For me?"
"Yeah.  I call it'Angel'." (Note to all readers:  if you know 
Aerosmith's "Angel", this is the same song.  Let's just say Aerosmith 
didn't exist in final fantasy timeline.  I'm not going to reproduce 
the entire song.)
When Jason finished, Aeris hugged him and kissed him.  "That was 
beautiful, Jason!"
"You mean it?"
His girlfriend nodded.  She got up and looked around.  She saw a photo 
of a blue-haired girl.
"WHo's this?" she asked.
"That's Ami Miunzo.  An old flame of mine.  She's dead now."
"Did Reno kill her too?"
"No.  She killed herself when the meteor was summoned.  She didn't 
want to wait for the world to die."
"I'm sorry."
"It's all right." Jason said as he put down his guitar.  "She sure 
loved to swim."
"You've had so much pain, haven't you, Jason?"
"Yes.  I guess I have."
Aeris placed her hand on the picture.
"Hey Aeris, you wanna get married?"
Aeris turned in surprise.  "YOu mean, as in you and me?"
"You're serious, aren't you?"
"Think about it, Aeris.  We're the exact same species.  We already 
love each other.  I'm sure we'd have great kids."
"I've always wanted to have children."
"So is that a yes?"
Aeris thought long and hard.  Yes, she did love Jason.  He was so 
sweet and kind.  He would always lay down his life for those he loved.  
Those were the qualities she admired most in him.  And he looked so 
handsome when he was naked...
"Yes.  Let's get married."
Jason jumped up and they fell into a passionate embrace.
"Aeris, you've made me very happy."
"We'll have to ask Cloud for some down time though.  Cetra weddings 
take about a week."
"We'll ask him together."
"Just one more thing, Jason." She leaned over and whispered a question 
in his ear.  
Jason asked "What?"
"C'mon, you mean you never had sex?  Not even with Ami?"
"No." Jason was purely embarrassed.
"Well, there's no time like the present.  Besides, all Cetra have to 
have sex before they tie the knot.  That way, their ancestors know 
they're serious and will bond them together.  That way, everytime we 
come back to the planet, we'll always come back together."  She was 
now completely naked and lying on his bed.
"The planet is happy now." She said.  "Her children are happy."
Jason took off his clothes.
"Don't worry." Aeris said reassure