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Everyone considered what to do about how to get to the super weapon. 
Everyone seemed to be ready to use Cait but Jason wasn't sure.  That's
when the power re-emerged within Psykowz.  A Dark shade began to grow
across him, and black electricity began to pulse near his fingertips. 
No body had noticed this silent but quick change in Psykowz, they were
all arguing about who to use.  One person did see though and that
person was Jason.  Psykowz decided to make a quick exit to the
highwing operations room.  Jason followed him and when he got there he
saw Psykowz bent double with a black sphere of magic around him.  
 "Psykowz, are you all-right"
 "Yes, get away before it's too late"
The black sphere began to pulsate and expand and there was a sudden
flash of extreme black magic. Luckily Jason had saw this expansion of
the sphere and had taken Psykowzs' advice and ran, but the shockwave
sent him flying and he was K.O'd against the wall.  The other members
of the team rushed in and saw a sphere size shape with Psykowz in the
middle, whatever was in this sphere shape..........had vanished! 
Aeris saw Jason lying on the floor and shouted 
  "What have you done??!! I see you were just jealous of Jason so you
tryed to kill him!!"
  "No, it's not like that, ason's my friend.  I can explain, please i
don't want to hurt anyone" Psykowz tried desperatly to explain but
everyone drew their weapons and advanced upon him. Psykowz rushed up
to Jason and tried to wake him up so he could explain the story, but
to no avail.  Everyone charged at Psykowz, and so with his last once
of power he vanished with the aid of a black portal.  As he stepped
through the portal to vanish he said 
  "I will return when you find the truth from Jason"
With this he was gone and everyone was left dumbfounded.  

Aeris cast FullCure on Jason.  He groggily got his feet.  Several 
questions were going through his head.
"Are you all right, Jason?" Aeris asked.
"I-I think so." Jason answered when he finally revived.  "Now I see why 
Psykowz had been so secretive.  If I had something that uncontrollable, 
I'd keep it a secret, too."
"You mean, you don't think he tried to kill you?" Tifa asked.  "I think 
you trust him too easily."
"He said he'd return when we found the truth from you." Vincent said.  
"What did he mean by that?  He did try to revive you to explain it to 
"But Jason was unconscious." Aeris explained.  "Even if PSykowz is 
telepathic, there's no way he could have been able to access Jason's 
mind in his condition."
"Aeris's right.  I have no idea what he means by that.  Besides, Tifa, 
he did tell me to get away.  If he was trying to kill me, he wouldn't 
have acted that way."
Red XIII was deep in thought.  He remembered he'd seen this power once 
before.  "Jason, Psykowz's abilities are not alien to me.  I've seen 
that kind of magic before."
"Good, Red, cause you're gonna help me find him."
At this, everyone was surprised.  They didn't think Jason's loyalty to 
his friends would stretch this far.
"Everyone, I know this seems a bit sudden, but I think Psykowz was 
telling the truth, and I want to get him back.  I want to help him."
"But Jason, you're a good fighter, but when it comes to magic, you're a 
novice." Aeris tried.
"I know.  I was hoping you'd want to help, Aeris.  I need someone with 
your talents.  I also need you, Red, because you've seen this magic."
"We'll have to go to Bugenhagen.  He can explain it better than I."

Psykowz expected to step through the portal and spend some time in
Limbo to calm his powers and to let the others regain their trust in
him. but something was wrong, he was not in Limbo he was in a dark
place.  Noises surronded him and he could feel the black magic flowing
around him, urging him to use it. 
 "NO" he screamed. "Leave me alone, i turned away from you"
 A figure stepped forth from the darkness, 
  "Well we want you back" Psykowz recognized the figure as Aranadon
the person who gave him this power, the power to
become.............true evil. 
  "Yes, psykowz you remember the old days don't you.  you came to me
for help, you needed my services and i told you there would be a
price. 'Oh that's fine' you said.  'It will be quite high' i said. 
Well now is the time for payment, all these years you evaded me,
dogded me; and now you have a new group of friends.  But you couldn't
stop the power surfacing could you, now your friends think your an
evil assailant, and i have you where i want you." 
 Psykowz nervously replied "I didn't want this sort of price, anything
but this would have sufficed.  Anyway, what do you intend to do now,
you won't kill me you want me to be your evil slave"
  "I TOLD YOU THE PRICE WOULD BE HIGH!!!" Arandon boomed.  "Anyway all
i have to do is get you to use black magic and you will be turned
forever, and then you will be mine"
  "I'll never do it" With this Psykowz could feel the black magic
swirling in and around him urging him, forcing him to use it.  Psykowz
resited but only just, then came the pain.  A searing pain of black
magic seeped into him, it temporarily blackened his heart and soul,
urging him once moer to give into the pure evil.  Dark creatures
beckoned him with promises of ultimate power.  
  "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Psykowz screamed.  With his last once of
self-will Psykowz tried to conatact Jason anyway he knew how, he just
hoped he had some of his original light magic left.
 "Jason if you can hear me, help me. Get me out of here, i don't care
how just please hel.........."  Psykowz's voice was drowned by a
chorus of demon chants............... 

Azuran stepped forward.  "I, too, have seen this magic.  I've even faced 
down someone more experienced than Psykowz.  The battle was a stalemate, 
Just then, Jason received a mental assault.  The assualt was so strong 
that he buckled in pain.
"Jason, are you all right?" Aeris asked.
"It's a message from Psykowz.  He's being attacked by a demonic force.  
Aran-something.  Wait, Psykowz!  Tell me what I need to know!"
"Wait.  There's only one person I know who matches that description." 
Aeris said thoughfully.  "Arandon.  You'd probably know him as Satan, 
Loki, or Seth.  Whatever his name, he's pure evil."
Pure evil, Jason thought.  This has just gone from bad to worse.
"Whatever Arandon has in store for Psykowz," Aeris continued.  "He 
doesn't deserve it."
"This is like Faustus if you ask me." said Vincent.  "in which case, I 
should also accompany you."
"Okay, I have Aeris, Red, Azuran, and Vincent.  Anyone else?" asked 
"I'm coming too."  Yuffie said.  "I don't want to lose you, Azuran."
"Nor do I" CLoud agreed.
"No, Cloud, the rest of you need to stay and find this weapon." Jason 
disagreed.  "I have an old friend who can help.  Her name's Lucia.  
SHe'd do anything for me."
With that, he turned to Red, "Okay, Red, we're ready."
"It's a good day's journey." Red announced.  "We'd best start now.  The 
sooner we meet with Bugenhagen, the quicker we can help him."
Jason concentrated and sent a telepathic message.  Hang on, Psykowz.  
We'll get you out.  I swear it.

As Jason and his friends departed, Cloud called the reference he'd been 
given by Jason.
A woman answered.  "Hello.  This is Lucia Thayer.  Who are you?"
"I'm Cloud Strife.  I suppose you know my infamous position."
"Yes, you're the leader of AVALANCHE.  Then the rumors are true.  Jason 
has joined you."
"So you do know Jason."
"Yes.  I suppose he referred you to me because he believed I could be of 
assistance.  Even though the Shinra, my employers, will certainly kill 
me, I'll gladly help."
"Why are you so eager?"
"Oh, didn't he tell you?  He saved my neice when he was five."
"Your neice?"
"Yes, her name was Joanne."

The next day, the six friends arrived in Cosmo Canyon.  Red XIII 
informed them of their dilemma.
"Ho ho hoo.  I can see that Psykowz is quite fortunate to have you for 
an ally.  For you possess the one thing that will help him." Bugenhagen 
said to Jason.
"And that is?" Jason asked, not at all sure what the eccentric old man 
"Your unflinching loyalty.  Right now, Psykowz needs that more than 
anything else.  You're practically the only friend he has now." 
Bugenhagen answered.  "In fact, only you possess the ability to safely 
enter Arandon's realm.  Your Purple Haze."
"All right. I'll do it" Jason sighed, remembering what happened the last 
time he used the Purple Haze, a level 4 Limit Break.  "Everyone, join 
hands and form a circle."
"Okay," Jason instructed.  "I don't normally do this with friends, so 
I'm just shooting from the hip here.  This will work, though, I've done 
it before."
"Just not with so many people, right?" Yuffie asked sarcastically.
"Exactly.  I need everyone to concentrate.  Think only of Psykowz."
A purple cloud encircled their circle.  Instantly they vanished.  They 
had entered Arandon's realm.
Azuran drew his sakaba.  "Stay alert."
"Yes." Aeris nodded.  "Arandon is here.  I can sense it."
Suddenly, Yuffie saw Psykowz.  He was being attacked by demons.
"Hey, I see him!  Hang on, Psykowz!  We're coming!"
"Yuffie, wait!" Azuran called after his girlfriend.
She did not listen and ran towards the fight.  A demon tried to stop 
her, but it was killed by her Greased Lightning.

Cloud didn't know what to say.
"Oh, that's all right." Lucia continued.  "I can see why he didn't tell 
you.  He was trying to build your trust.  Is he there now?"
"No." Tifa said.  "He's, uh, helping a friend."
"Same old Jason.  Always putting friendship before duty.  I suppose he 
wants me to spy on Shinra for you.  Very well, I'll do it.  Anything for 
my favorite nephew.  My only nephew in fact."
"Any idea why Jason thinks you'll do a better job than Reeve?" Cloud 
"Well, darling, it's obvious.  "I'm certainly more trustworthy." Lucia 
Cloud thanked her and they hung up.  Lucia thought to myself, oh I'm 
gonna hate myself when this is over.
"Yuffie, we need to stay together." Aeris scolded.  "If we go off 
half-cocked, these monsters will pick us off more easily."
"You sound like you've dealt with Arandon before." Azuran said.
"No, it's a race memory.  The Cetra and Arandon are mortal enemies.  
We've defeated him on numerous occasions.  He'll probably sense Jason 
and me any minute now."
As if on cue, Arandon turned and saw the six intruders.  "It appears I 
was mistaken, Psykowz.  Your friends still trust you.  WHO DARES DISTURB 
"We dare." Azuran said as defiantly as he could.
"We've come for Psykowz." Jason added in the same semi-defiant tone.
Thank you, Jason.  Psykowz thought.  I knew you wouldn't let me down.  
When this is over, I promise, no more secrets.
Arandon looked them over.  Immediately he saw that Aeris and Jason were 
Cetra.  "Well, I see your kind haven't died out after all.  I thought 
when I gave you the virus, I'd be rid of you forever."
Then he noticed Jason's abilities. "I see that one of you is a novice.  
Perhaps this may prove interesting."
Aeris sent a telepathic message to the others:  Close your minds.  He is 
going to try and weaken us."
"Ah, you have a dead sister.  Perhaps you would like to have her back.  
I can arrange that...for a price."
He conjured up a ghostly image.  It was Joanne.  That pale skin, the 
never ending smile.  Those happy eyes.  The long, auburn hair.  She was 
just as beautiful as her adoptive brother remembered.

Aeris knew what Arandon was doing.  By giving Jason the temptation of 
being reunited with his dead sister again, he would attempt to show 
Psykowz how weak his friends were.
"Jason, that's not really your sister!" she exclaimed.  "Arandon is 
trying to deceive you!"
"How do you know?" Jason asked.  "You've never met her!"
"Well, if you have an ounce of doubt, why not ask her?  Ask her 
something only the two of you would know."
"Okay, you're the Arandon expert here.  Joanne, how did we meet?"
"We're twins.  We're the exact same age." the spirit answered.
"THAT'S A LIE!  I saved you from a burning fire!  You were barely alive 
until my mom cast Life2 on you!  We don't even look alike!  This is not 
my sister, Arandon!"
"So, you're not convinced.  You see, Psykowz, your friends are as weak 
and feeble as you.  I can tempt them just as easily as I did you.  
Vincent, wouldn't you want to see Lucrecia again?  Azuran, how about 
getting Cloud to like you?  Yuffie and Aeris, I'm sure you want to see 
your mothers again.  NAnaki, how would you like to see proof that you 
are not the last of your kind?  You see, it is all too easy.
You are lost, Psykowz!"
"Yes, Arandon." Aeris admitted.  "You can tempt us.  But we can offer 
one thing you can never offer.  Truth.  That is stronger than any lie."
"Psykowz," Jason called out.  "Listen to us.  There's still hope for 
"After them, my minions!" Arandon called to his troops.
"I'll hold them off." Azuran said to Jason.  "The rest of you get 
Psykowz and get that Purple Haze working!"
"But, you'll be left behind!" Yuffie pleaded.
"GO NOW!" Azuran thundered.
Jason grabbed Psykowz.  "All right, PSykowz, take my hand.  I don't want 
to stay here any longer than I absolutely have to."
"I agree." said Psykowz.  "And thank you, Jason, for caring about me."
"What are friends for?" Jason answered as they shook hands.
Azuran ran towards the circle they were forming.  "Let's get out of 
here!  I can't hold them off forever!"
"All right!  Everyone hold hands!" Jason instructed.  Within seconds, 
they vanished into a purple cloud.
They returned to Cosmo Canyon. Jason was so happy that his plan worked 
that he hugged Psykowz tearfully.  Psykowz let him show his emotion, 
then he, too, tearfully hugged his friend.
"Welcome back, my good friend." Jason said through choking sobs.
"we've won."
"No, we've only delayed the inevitable.  I still have Arandon's magic 
inside me.  I could turn to his side at any time." Psykowz disagreed.
"When that day comes, I will stand at your side and fight.  I swear it." 
Jason promised.

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