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Azuran walked down the cooridors of the Highwind quickly. Not now, not 
3:00 in the morning. He was very angry in the morning. They would pay.

 He barged into Cloud's room, "Get up we have a situation on our hands"
"What's going on? What the hell you just walk on in here for." said 
"Shin-Ra troops. Approximately 50 at Fort Condor." replied Azuran

"You can take care of it can't you" complained Cloud. "It's only 50"

"I know I don't want to bother the other's sleep. I was hoping you and I 
could handle them" said Azuran.

"Whatever" whispered Cloud. He got out of bed and changed into his 
clothes. When he walked out there stood approximately 50-100 Shin-Ra 
soilder's INSIDE THE HIGHWIND. Azuran and Cloud could only mutter two 
words. "Oh shit!"

Rufus walked out infront of the army and spoke quitely, "Not a sound. Or 
all of your friends will die" Azuran and Cloud followed their directions 
and proceeded to follow the Shin-Ra onto their ship. They were 
prisoner's. Azuran saw one of the guards messeing with one of the 
computers. His comrades better not be in danger or he would take apart 
the entire Shin-Ra army.

Yuffie woke up pretty early in the morning. She leaned over toward 
Azuran's side of the bed. He wasn't their. She searched all over the 
Ship and neither he or Cloud were anywhere. She woke up the other's, 
"Hey Cloud and Azuran are missing!"

Jason went to the bridge and turned on the computer. A image of Rufus 
appeared. "Oh no! Guys come look at this!". The other's soon came as the 
computer began to speak, "Right now your probably looking for your dear 
friends Cloud and Azuran. Don't worry. Their in good hands. You know 
what I like you guys. I'm willing to cut you a deal. Bring me back the 
weapon and I'll release these poor unfortunates, so what do you say". 
The screen went blank. The party hung their heads low.

Cid slammed his fist on the computer and cursed.
Aeris burst into tears.
"What's wrong, Solin?" Tifa asked.  Aeris had once told her that word's 
"Jason just asked me to marry him.  Now this happens!"  Aeris said, 
choking on her sobs.  "We had it all planned out!  We were going to go 
to the Forbidden Capitol and ask our ancestors to bond us!  We even had 
sex last night for his first time!"
Tifa comforted her.  "Shhh.  It's okay.  You know what, you two go on 
ahead and do what you wanted.  This is more important.  Take it from 
someone who knows."  She showed her her own weddingrin.  Tifa and Cloud 
had been married for two years now.
"But you know Rufus is lying!"  Jason said.  "We have to go rescue 
Lucia came forward.  "No, Jason, Tifa's right.  Your love is more 
"But, Aunt Lucia..."
"I know you want to help.  But you have your whole lives together."
Psykowz placed a comforting hand on Jason's shoulder.  "We can handle 
things while you're gone.  Here take this PHS.  We'll contact you if we 
"Thank you."  Aeris sobbed.
Jason took her hand.  "What do you want to do first?"
"Let's go to Midgar.  I want to see my mom and get her blessing.  I also 
want to show you the church where Cloud and I first met."
Arianna came up to Jason,  "Don't worry, cousin, I'll kick some extra 
butt for ya!  They won't ruin my cousin's happiness and get away with 

Cloud stared coldly at Azuran who was still asleep on his cot. He had 
forgiven Azuran publicaly but for some reason he could not forgive him 
inside his heart. I tried to turn him over to the good side and get him 
to quit Shin-Ra, but he continued his killings. But why would all of a 
sudden he be a good guy now. After all him and I were best friends and I 
still couldn't get him to turn. I don't trust Azuran at all. Something 
else is motivating him. I know he still has the thirst to kill, he 
proved it when he was fighting that freak from Shin-Ra.

Azuran started fidgeting. He was waking up now. Cloud quickly looked 
away so he wouldn't arouse suspicion.

Azuran leaned towards Cloud and said, "You know you haven't said one 
word to me since we've been in this cell"

"I want to know the truth Azuran. Why are you with us?" replied Cloud.

"I told you. I hate Shin-Ra. I want to help your cause. I wan-"

Cloud didn't give him a chance to explain.

"That's a lie and you know it!" shouted Cloud. "I want to know all about 
the day you supposively killed me."

"Cloud you know I don't want to do this" whispered Azuran.

"Tell me!"

Azuran arose from his bed and stood in the middle of the room. Tears 
were coming from his eyes. Cloud could feel an intense heat wave 
overcoming him. He stared at Azuran and completely bewilderd as another 
image of Azuran stepped out of his body and then another. There were now 
three images of Azuran. Azuran said nothing but just looked at Cloud. 

It can't be, Cloud thought to himself. NO!! Cloud couldn't believe it. 
One of the Azurans stepped out and took Cloud's hand. "It's time to come 
home Azuran". The middle Azuran then spoke in a deep voice, "It's true. 
I never brought the real Cloud to life, he's dead. You are just a part 
of me and it's time everyone knew the truth but first you must come to 
me". The image of Cloud dissapeared and turned into another Azuran. All 
of his images than walked back into Azuran. He collapsed on the floor in 
tears...and alone.

Once again, the same vision that he had seen earlier entered Jason's 
head.  he had not told anyone of the vision, not even Aeris, for he 
could not understand what it meant.  And that ashamed him.  He sighed, 
and decided it was best to tell her after all.
"Aeris, I've received a vision about Azuran and Cloud."
"What's happening?" Aeris asked.  "Are they okay?"
"I don't know.  I can't make sense of it." Jason shook his head.
"Tell it to me.  Maybe I can help.  Visaions usually have some sort of 
symbolism to them.  Maybe you're just too busy trying to grasp the whole 
Jason sighed.  "All right.  Azuran and Cloud are together, and again 
Cloud asks Azuran what he's really with us for.  Azuran doesn't want to 
answer and then, the weird part comes.  Suddenly, there's three Azurans.  
Then one of them takes Cloud and they vanish.  Azuran is all alone."
"I don't understand it, either.  Perhaps you should ask Ifalna for 
"I've tried everything else." Jason sighed again.  "Ifalna?" he called 
Ifalna appeared before him.  "I am here, my child."
"I've received a vision I can't understand.  I need your help."
"I know what you saw.  Yes, Cloud is gone.  In fact, he and that 'other 
Azuran' are now in the Lifestream.  You must rescue them, but you will 
have to rescue Azuran first.  Then, through him, you can enter the 
Lifestream and help Cloud and the other Azuran."
Jason shook his head.  "This is majorly fucked up, Ifalna."
Ifalna only laughed.  "Did you think you would go through the world 
understanding everything?  There are some things in this world you are 
not meant to understand, my child."  And with that she faded.
Aeris sensed the confusion still in her lover's head.  She placed a 
comforting hand on his shoulder and hoped he would soon understand his 
Azuran sat up on his bed. How will he be able to tell the other's that 
all this time the Cloud they knew was just a part of him and the real 
Cloud has been dead for years? I must find Jason. I must find his mind. 
With that Azuran stood up and again walked to the center of the room and 
split up into 4 parts including the false Cloud. One walked into another 
and then into the other and then into the last one and sunk into the 
earth. I must find a way to revive Cloud. It is too late to use Life 
magic, but mabye Aeris and Jason know a way.
Try as he might, Jason could not sleep.  He couldn't shake the confusing 
vision from his head.  He strummed nervously on his Magic Guitar, as 
though the music would help give solace to his troubled mind.  Why is it 
that the more I find out about myself, he thought, the more questions I 
find that have no discernible answers?  He looked down at Aeris, who was 
sleeping peacefully.  No doubt dreaming about the Promised Land, Jason 
thought.  Again he envied Aeris's ability to be so peaceful despite the 
chaos before them.
Presently, a ghostly image of Azuran appeared before him.
"Jason, I have come to again ask for your help."
Jason surprisedly whispered to it, "What's going on?"
Even though Jason spoke in a whisper, Aeris awoke.  When she saw Azuran, 
she let out a whisper of joy and asked, "What're you doing here?  How'd 
you get out?"  Because Jason's and Aeris's minds were linked, she, too, 
could also see Azuran.
"I'm not the real Azuran," the ghostly figure told them.  "I'm just a 
part of him.  I have come to you because you two are the only ones who 
can help me.  The Cloud you have known since the destruction of 
Nibelheim is not the real Cloud.  I never was able to revive him.  The 
Cloud you know is just another part of me.  I need your help to find the 
real Cloud."
Jason thought to himself, Tifa's husband is a fake?  His confused mind 
became even more confused.  He could not truly understand what Azuran 
was saying.
Through her linked mind, Aeris sensed the growing confusion in Jason's 
head.  She said to Azuran, "We are ready to help, but we do not yet 
"Ifalna told me that Cloud was somewhere in the Lifestream, Azuran." 
Jason said.  "We must enter it together and find him.  All 3 of us."
Ifalna appeared before them.  "To enter the Lifestream, your bodies must 
first be properly prepared."  She cupped her hand, placed it in front of 
Jason's face, and blew the dust in it into his eyes.  It was Dream 
Powder.  Instantly, Jason's eyes grew heavy and he fell into a deep 
sleep.  Ifalna then did the same to Aeris.  Their dream forms appeared 
before Azuran.
"Now, help them find your brother, my child." Ifalna said to Azuran.  
"He is still needed.  Cid and Jason are not fit to take his place as 

Azuran led the way into the Lifestream. It was a motionless green void 
at first but it then cleared up and the party was in the middle of a 
stone structure of some sort. Azuran faced Aeris and Jason and said, "I 
killed him at M.T. Nibel so that is where we shall go". A portal 
appeared between two solid blue stone beams and the trio walked through 

As they walked out into Mt. Nibel Aeris and Jason were terrified. There 
stood Cloud, a sentry outside the mako reactor. And there was Azuran 
right behind him with a masuragme. He delivered a flying kick to Cloud's 
back side. Startled and semi-councious he get's back up and starts 
shooting at his attacker, but no luck. Azuran ducks low and runs along 
the side of Cloud using his sword to slice Cloud wide open.

"You know what you have to do Azuran" Aeris said.
"You realize that once I do this the world you return to may be totally 
diffrent" replied Azuran.
"Were willing to take the risk" said Jason.

Azuran mentally made Azuran to flee without making the copy of Cloud. He 
then went up to the dead Cloud and knelt beside him, chanted a prayer, 
and casts Life 3.

"Who are you?" says Cloud. Still barely concious.
"A friend" replied Azuran

With that the three friends returned to the life stream and back to the 
highwind. Azuran looks at Aeris and Jason. "hav hanged the events of the 
past. Things may be alot diffrent then they were". Azuran sunk back into 
the ground leaving Aeris and Jason to themselves.
Aeris and Jason awoke to find Ifalna standing in front of them.
"Ifalna" Aeris asked.  "What did Azuran change?"
"Very little, my child." Ifalna told her.  "Cloud is still in prison 
with the true Azuran, the one you have known since Jason entered your 
life.  I'm afraid the two may still hate each other.  Cloud and Tifa are 
still married.  Sephiroth is still dead.  The Meteor was destroyed two 
years ago, just like it was in the incorrect time.  But, Jason, there 
are two things you should know."
"What are they?" Jason asked.
"Your parents never died in this timeline.  They still live in your 
hometown of Harmony.  Also, Dr. Vixen, the same female scientist that 
created your cousin, is also still alive, she was not killed in Sector 7 
when the pillar fell on it.  In fact, she has now replaced Hojo.  You 
have done well, my children.  Now, go rescue your comrades.  May the 
journey you take be worthwhile."
Jason shuddered.  Dr. Vixen?  Still alive?  That bitch!  What evil could 
she concoct?

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